Will, Asset Recovery and Business Contingency Plans

Estate Planning for Crypto

Decentralized, Trustless and Anonymous Wills and Trusts

Bequest uses a

Dead Man's switch

to distribute your tokens and NFTs to selected recipients.


Backed by the security of the blockchain. No KYC or private key sharing required.

Self Custody

Bequest is non-custodial. Continue to use your assets while they are secured in a wallet of your choice.


You are in full control of your estate planning with no expensive overhead.

Supported Chains

How Bequest works

Select Assets

Approve the Bequest smart contract to transfer your tokens and NFTs.

Select Recipients

Input the wallet addresses of recipients and their respective share.

Renew Bequest

Renew your Bequest within the selected renewal rate. Otherwise, your assets can be claimed by recipients.


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