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Don't Take Your Crypto To The Grave

Non-Custodial, Decentralized, and Trustless Crypto Distribution

Backed by Mark Cuban, Audited by CertikLegal by Fenwick.
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Leveraging Smart Contracts

Bequest uses a

Dead Man's switch

to distribute your tokens and NFTs to selected recipients.

No Seed Phrase Sharing

No private key sharing involved.


Keep trading, staking, and buying tokens.


Immutable and Audited Contracts.

User Friendly

Easy to use for Web2 and Web3 users.

Select Recipients

Input an email or wallet address for your recipients, then set the percentage of your tokens you would like them to receive.

If one of your recipients is not web3-native, you can set their email and we can help them off-ramp their crypto. You can also generate decentralized wallets in one click, and add timelocks and vesting.

Select Assets

Add Tokens and NFTs to your Bequest without locking them up.

You are free to gain, lose, and use your assets as you please, even liquid staking. You won't even notice your assets are being covered by Bequest.

Renew Bequest

Renew your Bequest within the selected renewal rate. By default, this is set to one year but can be changed at any time.

If you don't renew in time your assets can be claimed by recipients. You can opt-in to receive notifications so you don't miss your interval and you can always renew even if your Bequest has expired.


Tier 1


1% Fee on Distribution

Tier 2


0.5% Fee on Distribution

Secure your Hard-Earned Assets in Just 5 Minutes.

Don't leave your asset security up to chance. Setup a Bequest.

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